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Every bag has its own unique identity

Wondering why our bags are named after horses? Well, Foal bags are not mass-produced but are handcrafted with precision and love by our skilled artisans. We handpick the best quality leather to create our exclusive range of products. As you’ll know, a foal is a baby horse. We name each and every Foal product with different names just like horses are named to suit their individual characteristics.

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  • Only for selected styles


Imagined by You, created by Foal!​

If you’re looking for something unique, we are more than happy to help. Our bespoke service will create bags to your exact specification.

No-Cost Lifetime Repair Warranty*

Made in India by Traditional Artisans

Everlasting Bags & Accessories

Full Grain Leather

Competitive Pricing

Ethically Sourced

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